About the Owner

Free+ True was birthed October 2020 by corporate leader Angel Burns. It had been a vision of Angel's for years. Considering her background in technology, she has always been lead back to her passion for fitness.

Free + True was created based on three principles, integrity, community and health. Beyond physical health, we believe that our life journey starts with a healthy mind, hence Free + True. Imagine living every day, leading with your most authentic self.

Free + True is built upon the notion that everyone has value and brings their own unique quality to the world. We value quality clothing , that is suitable for everyday wear and love to see everyone rocking the brand.

Our slogan is, “Dressing you from the inside out.” 

Welcome to the Free + True family. The greatest gift to this community is you! 

When you wear our customized clothing, be confident, be bold, BE YOU!